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1. When and where do you meet?

The GCC meets Thursday evenings from 7-10 PM at Barnes & Noble on Haywood Rd. GCC meetings are open to all adults as well as scholastic players who are at least age 14 or rated at least 1000 USCF.

For scholastic beginners, the Greenville Scholastic Chess Club meets every Thursday night at Greenville Roly Poly Sandwich Shop. The GSCC is sponsored by ThinkMove Chess Academy.

2. What does it cost to join the Greenville Chess Club?

There is no cost to join the GCC! Anyone is welcome to play casual games or to play in unrated GCC events. USCF membership is required in order to play in the GCC events which are USCF-rated.

3. What is the USCF?

The United States Chess Federation (USCF) is the governing organization for chess in America. A not-for-profit corporation, it has more than 80,000 paid members. Its membership spans every state and territory of the United States.

There are nearly 2,000 USCF-affiliated chess clubs, and more than 100,000 chess players participate in USCF events every year. The official publication, Chess Life, is distributed nationally every month to more than 250,000 readers.

The USCF was founded in 1939 and grew gradually until 1972, when membership doubled due to interest in Bobby Fischer's rise to the World Championship. The last five years have seen the rolls swell by nearly 50 percent, spurred by the growth of scholastic chess and the spread of chess computers.

The USCF sanctions thousands of chess tournaments with a half-million rated games each year. It is the organizer of 25 national championship events including the US Championship, the US Women's Championship, and the Amateur, Junior, and Senior championships. The USCF sponsors the National Scholastic Championships which annually draw over 3,000 players.

As a not-for-profit membership organization, the USCF applies its revenue to services and programs benefitting its members and chess in America. The US Chess Trust, a charitable trust administered by the USCF, supports chess programs for schools, veterans, hospitals, and prisons worldwide.

4. What is rated chess?

Rated chess games are official games played between rated players, where the outcome of the game affects the players' ratings. In general a win increases a player's rating while a loss decreases it.

5. What is a rating?

The USCF rating system, developed by statistician Arpad Elo in the early 1960s, rates the performance of chessplayers in sanctioned tournaments. Most ratings fall between 400 and 2600, with an average of about 1350. The highest rated player in the U.S. is currently Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, rated 2900 (!!) as of August 2015. Starting in 1970, the World Chess Federation (FIDE) adopted the USCF rating method for international events.

6. What does it cost to join the USCF?

Adult membership in USCF is $40/year.
Age 24 and under is $26/year.
Age 15 and under is $22/year.
Age 12 and under is $17/year.
Family discounts are also available.
Details can be found at the USCF webstore here.

The Greenville Chess Club is an affiliate of the U.S. Chess Federation.

No fee or membership is required to play casual games. Check us out risk-free!

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