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The GCC meets Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM at the Barnes & Noble on Haywood Rd. in Greenville, SC.

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GM Ftacnik Lecture and Simul Results

On Tuesday, July 19, GM Lubomir Ftacnik gave an instructive lecture on the game Naiditsch-Roiz, 2009, then took on and defeated 11 challengers in a simultaneous exhibition. GM Ftacnik would go on to win 46 out of 47 simul games over three days during his trip to SC.

Special thanks to Brew & Ewe coffee shop for hosting the event and to Precision Tune Auto Care for sponsoring GM Ftacnik's visit to SC.

In Memory of IM Dr. Danny Kopec

The Greenville Chess Club sadly marks the passing of friend IM Dr. Danny Kopec, who left us too soon on Sunday, June 12, 2016. Dr. Kopec competed in four South Carolina tournaments between 2010 and 2013, and visited the various state clubs with engaging lectures and simultaneous challenges to benefit scholastic chess. These included two visits to the Greenville Chess Club in May 2012 and August 2013. We miss his gentle humor, cheerful nature, and warm enthusiasm in bringing chess to anyone who wanted to learn, and we extend our deepest condolences to Dr. Kopec's family.

IM Dr. Danny Kopec

SC Open Results

Forty-two contenders of all ages from Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina and of course South Carolina convened at the Hilton Garden Inn in Greenville to dispute the usual eternal questions: materialism vs. freedom, structure vs. opportunity, simplification vs. complication, attack vs. defense, order vs. chaos, all in the great quest to trap the other fellow's King!

The top score in the Open Section came from Kevin Wang of Georgia. Kevin became this year's SC Open Champion besting all others with 4.0/5.0 points! Congratulations Kevin! Mark Biernacki came in second with (3.5), followed by Forest Chen (3.5), Life Master Klaus Pohl (3.0), Mike Anderson (3.0) and Peter Michelman (3.0), while Tim Rankin's 3.0 took the U2000 prize. As a matter of human interest, Tim Rankin demonstrated yet again that holding the theoretical draw in R&P endings needs very little time, and he must hold an accumulated record for the number of moves played in one delayed second.

Xiaodong Jin and Matt Mayhew shared top honors in the U1800 section with 4.0 each, while Jayashree Sekar and Michael Burrell and Bob Mahan and Harsha Srijay each scored 3.0, thereby dividing third place and the U1600 prize.

Alex Moreno and Venkata Guruvelli each scored 4.0 in the U1400 group, followed by Marcus Benjamin and Arjun Rawal at 3.5 to close out third place and the U1200 prize.

Drew Plyler most capably operated the display at board 1 and assisted energetically as TD, and SCCA President David Grimaud showed his support with a visit Friday and Saturday. Gene Nix organized and directed. Warm thanks to the attentive and responsive hotel staff of the Hilton Garden Inn, a great place to hold a chess tournament! And those eternal questions? Deferred to the next tournament.

For photos and games from the SC Open, see www.scchess.org.

USCF Crosstables

Pohl Wins 8th Annual SC Senior Open!

Twenty-five elder fighters from South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee converged on the Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Greenville, SC, to resolve the matter of senior dominance at the chess board. Accelerated pairings left only four perfect scores going into the Sunday rounds, and after sitting next to each other on boards one and two all weekend, Masters Klaus Pohl and Randal Ferguson settled the question in round four in an exciting duel that kept the TD studying tie-break scenarios until Klaus took over the position. So, Life Master Klaus Pohl took first place with 4-0; Expert Mike Anderson was second with 3.5 points; Gary Newsom and Ralph Lombard shared third-fourth with 3 points; National TD Kevin Hyde's 3-1 took top honors for the Under-1600 prize, and Harold Zeltner won second Under-1600 with two points. We had some new faces, so to speak, with Father Jeffrey Kendall of Round O, SC, and Joe Page of Morrisville, NC, playing in their first rated tournament - welcome to the fray!. Special thanks to Kevin Hyde for sharing his expertise on several finer points of tournament direction. Local TD Gene Nix officiated.

USCF Crosstable

Coming Up at the GCC

August 18 - USCF quick-rated event
G/15 d3, 3 rounds, Rd. 1 starts at 8 PM, EF $3, USCF membership req'd

August 25 - Blitz event
G/3 d2 round robin (double-RR if time permits), Rd. 1 starts at 7:45 PM, EF $1

September 1 - USCF quick-rated event
G/15 d3, 3 rounds, Rd. 1 starts at 8 PM, EF $3, USCF membership req'd

September 8 - Blitz event
G/3 d2 round robin (double-RR if time permits), Rd. 1 starts at 7:45 PM, EF $1

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