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***Spring Showdown begins Thursday, April 17***

This Thursday, April 17, the GCC will begin its next USCF rated event, the Spring Showdown. The 4-round event will take place over the next four Thursdays at United Methodist Church in Piedmont, SC.

4 rounds; one round each Thursday night
Round 1 begins at 8 PM 4/17; other rounds begin at 7:30 PM
Location: United Methodist Church, 31 Main Street (Hwy 86), Piedmont, SC
Time control: G/90 + 30-second increment (or G/120 if a suitable clock is not available)
EF: $10, USCF membership required

Brown, Fejzulai win Spring Quickening

On Thursday, April 3, the GCC held the Spring Quickening, a 3-round quick-rated event. Will Brown and Aidan Fejzulai won their first two games, then battled each other to a draw in round 3 to share first place. Bill Wetzel and Joseph Rochester split the under-2000 prize.

USCF Crosstable

Gene Nix wins Snow Flurry 2014

The final round of the Snow Flurry took place on Thursday, Feb. 27. Gene Nix prevailed against Klaus Pohl on the top board to take clear first place with 4 points. Pohl finished in a 3-way tie for second place along with Tim Rankin and Aidan Fejzulai, who battled to a draw on board 2, each finishing with 3 points. Fejzulai's 3 points were sufficient to win the U1750 prize outright and net 100 rating points from the event.

The results of the final round are shown below, and a full crosstable can be seen on the Pairings page.

USCF Crosstable

Snow Flurry 2014 Round 5 Pairings: 2/27/14
Bd. White Result Black
1 Nix, Gene (3.0, 1959) 1 - 0 Pohl, Klaus (3.0, 2204)
2 Fejzulai, Aidan (2.5, 1515) .5 - .5 Rankin, Tim (2.5, 2017)
3 Rochester, Joseph (1.5, 1790) 1 - 0 Benjamin, Marcus (0.5, 1256)
4 Srijay, Harsha (1.5, 1354) .5 - .5 Wetzel, Bill (1660)
  Khalil, Ehab (1.0, 1703/13) .5 BYE (requested)

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