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The GCC meets Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM at the Barnes & Noble on Haywood Rd. in Greenville, SC.

See also the GCC Facebook page.

Coming Up at the GCC

June 25 - Blitz event
G/3 d2 round robin (double-RR if time permits), Rd. 1 starts at 7:45 PM, EF $1

July 2 - Quick event
G/15 d3, 3 rounds, Rd. 1 starts at 8 PM, EF $3, USCF membership req'd

Recent Results

GCC Quick Heat Wave, 6/18/15
GCC Quick Class Dismissed, 6/4/15
GCC Quick SCO Warm-Up, 5/21/15
GCC Quick May, 5/7/15
GCC Quick Spring, 4/23/15
GCC Quick April, 4/9/15

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The Greenville Chess Club is an affiliate of the U.S. Chess Federation.

No fee or membership is required to play casual games. Check us out risk-free!

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